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The International Taekwon-Do Federation is the entity in charge of the preservation and diffusion of the original Taekwon-Do worldwide. Its president, General Choi Hong Hi, is the founder of modern Taekwon-Do, who created and designed this martial art during 9 years. However, through an entire live of practice and scientific study, General Choi has developed this new original martial art which is in permanent evolution and today differs from the martial arts from which it evolved. Taekwon-Do fundamentals come from Taekyon, korean combat art, and Karate, which was the training art of General Choi at young age.

The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) has its headquarters at Vienna, Austria. The Federation rules the programs and devolpment of ITF Taekwon-Do around the world. Promotes activities like: 

  • International Instructors Seminars.
  • International Championships
  • International Conferences.
  • Umpire courses.
  • International Camps.
  • Black Belt Certifications, from I to IX Dan.
  • Grants special permissions to its outstanding instructors and academies.



The International Takwon-Do Federation watches for the difussion and preservation of original Taekwon-Do.

Internacional Seminar, 1995, Bogotá, Colombia
We give our heartful Thanks to Taekwon-Do founder for giving us this alternative to grow as  human beings.
The ITF has succeded in crossing continental frontiers, and has made Taekwon-Do an universal art despite of race, religion, sex or ideology,  respecting the traditional culture of its practitioners. At the present moment, 140 countries and millions of practitioners train Taekwon-Do arund the world.

Actualizado: 18/11/01