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As a martial art, besides physical and technical developement, Taekwon-Do has its own moral and phylosofical basis. In that way, it can be differentiated from sports and other leasure activities. The practice of Taekwon-Do implies a way of live, a permanent attitude, which is learned in the place of training and it becomes a part of students daily live, being evident in all his behavior. Its phylosophy is based on five moral tenets:

Indomitable Spirit 

In the children, Taekwon-Do rises the values that have been lost in our society: respect to elders, love for nature and for the nation, responsability with work, kindness with people, sincerity, cooperation, etc. Taekwon-Do has been designed with the main porpouse of building better human beings. It is erroneous to think that its objective is to show aggression to other people. Instead, as a martial art, it seeks to transform this world into a peaceful place to live, with equity and justice.


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